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We are building products

for the future

of renewable energy.

At NachbarStrom we are dedicated to make renewable energy transparent and easily accessible.
For you and your customers!

Solar evaluation has never been easier.

Explore your 

house potential.



We boost your online sales with AI

In a competitive and complex industry, we help you break loose of competition.

Automate Calculations

Tired of repetitively evaluating potential rooftops? 


Shorten your sales cycle with automated system-layouts. Instead, have your employees focused on the customer experience.

Qualify Leads

Is your team wasting time pursuing leads that go nowhere?


Pre-qualify them with rich residential information and focus on the most promising leads.

Optimize Your Online Business

Are you losing customers on your website with questions about roof size, pitch or shadow?


Convert them more effectively with a one-click solution.

Free up your workforce

Skilled workforce is the bottleneck of your business?


With an automated sales process, you are now able to close leads on the spot and schedule your workforce more efficiently.



Powered by Artifical Intelligence

Our software is built on Artifical Intelligence.

It recognizes details like usable roof area, neighboring trees, etc. These are necessary to determine what kind of solar installation the customer needs. 

Ship it to your website 

NachbarStrom is made to be easy.


We build our APIs to be simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable.

You can start selling more right away.