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Bring transparency to renewable energy

In March 2018 we met each other at ThinkMakeStart (TMS), a Hackathon at the Technical University of Munich. Our mutual interest in renewable energy sources and a great personal fit was the start of NachbarStrom and our journey through the complex and confusing energy sector. 


From day one, our focus is to bring transparency and accessibility to the fragmented market for decentralized and renewable energy sources (RES). Our very first product is a software to automatically calculate the solar potential on residential buildings. This is the first step towards our vision of a fully integrated energy assistant that enables people to take part in the energy transition.


Join the team!

We are a team of diverse and multinational energy-lovers. From Taiwan to Columbia, from Machines Learning to Agile Managment. There is plenty of possibilities for you to make our journey your own.


Currently, we are offering IDP, Master Thesis and Project Studies in cooperation with TUM. But of course, we are also open to anyone who wants to join us. Just come by our office in the lovely TUM Incubator in Garching or drop us an email. We love to hear from you!